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Community Action Senior Management Team - Emma Webster, Peter Horner, Soo Nevison and Debra Atkinson

Meet the Team

Community Action comprises a hardworking and talented team of activists, dreamers, adventurers, and doers. With unique expertise and years of experience in the space, we come together for the good of our community. Meet the team below!

  • Dr Soo Nevison

    Dr Soo Nevison

    Chief Executive Officer

    07391 869456
  • Peter Horner

    Peter Horner

    Programme and Insight Manager

    07421 745712
  • Emma Webster

    Emma Webster

    Information, Communication and Marketing Manager

  • Debra Atkinson

    Debra Atkinson

    Assets Manager

    01535 665258
  • Dennis Watts

    Dennis Watts

    Finance Manager

    07597 075995
  • Aisha Mahmood

    Aisha Mahmood

    Development Officer, Networks and Partnerships & Volunteering

    07904 853141
  • Ashraf Miah

    Ashraf Miah

    Development Officer, Funding

    07415 307542
  • Chris Barker

    Chris Barker

    Development Officer, Governance and Community Assets

    07422 966140
  • Chris Bulmer

    Chris Bulmer

    Development Officer, Volunteering

    01943 603348
  • Chris Hancox

    Chris Hancox

    Development Officer, Safeguarding

    07539 684668
  • Kirsty Gregory

    Kirsty Gregory

    Development Officer, Marketing and Communications

    07933 987006
  • Lincoln Oakley

    Lincoln Oakley

    Development Officer, Enterprise and Trading

    07422 575852
  • Rochyne Delaney McNulty

    Rochyne Delaney McNulty

    Development Officer, Networks and Partnerships

    07908 648637
  • Sarah Moss

    Sarah Moss

    Training Coordinator / Database Manager

    07422 966142
  • Amir Hussain

    Amir Hussain

    Training Administrator

    07419 133797
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