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The future of the DIVA Directory

You may remember that back in 2023, we moved the DIVA Jobs function that so many organisations used, and we launched Snicket in its place. This was a direct result of our core funding from Bradford Council no longer supporting this service.

We are now unfortunately in the same position with the DIVA directory of local voluntary and community sector organisations. The funding from Bradford Council which sustained is due to end this month, as a result the website will close on 30th June 2024. If you have any questions about this change, you can email Community Action at

The history…

DIVA (District Index of Voluntary Associations) began in 2002/03 as a collaboration between Bradford District Library and Bradford Resource Centre. From a ring-binder of printed information in libraries to the online directory; DIVA Bradford was influenced by contributions from a partnership of organisations including CNet, Bradford Resource Centre, NHS and Bradford Council partners as well as Community Action Bradford and District (then the separate charities of Bradford CVS, Shipley & Bingley Voluntary Services, and Keighley & Ilkley Voluntary and Community Action).

During the first decade of the project, Bradford Council and NHS funding was matched with European Regional Development Fund investment to develop new functionality on the website.

In 2013, public funding cuts ended the Library service’s management of the site and to save it from closure, Community Action Bradford and District agreed to update and manage the directory within funding already allocated for other infrastructure work.

Over twenty years, more than 1,500 charitable organisations in Bradford district have shared their services with residents through DIVA. At its best it has been a coming together of the richness of the voluntary sector, showcasing the many different ways that organisations led by volunteers contribute to our lives. The directory was always proudly a general resource. As long as volunteers were in charge of the governance, everything was included from campaign groups, hobbies, health and exercise, faith groups, trade and credit unions, animal rescues, social groups and so much more.

We are so proud to have been part of the DIVA Bradford project, and we are saddened to see it go. Thank you to all the partner organisations and funders who have supported the project and all the Bradford district groups who have taken part.

What can I use instead?

The following websites are available where organisations in Bradford district can list their services, and the public can find activities to join, each covers a specific topic or client group:

Agency For Good

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