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Healthwatch Bradford & District

Healthwatch is an independent organisation at the service of the people in Bradford and District to secure better health and social care outcomes.

Healthwatch ensures that every voice in Bradford & District counts. 

Every person has the power to influence what their health and social care looks like, and they make sure that happens. Healthwatch exists for the sole purpose of understanding your experiences and concerns, and speaking out to address those needs on your behalf.

What they do

They hold health and social care providers accountable to the people who use their services, correcting any issues today, and ensuring they get it right for tomorrow.

Through surveys and face-to-face interactions, they ask about your experiences and look for patterns that show them where change needs to happen. They go out into communities across the district and put the power in your hands to tell them what works and what doesn’t. They share your feedback and work with the appropriate health and social care organisations to improve services for the entire community, including children, young people, and adults from a wide range of backgrounds.

They then share this information with groups like NHS England and the Care Quality Commission so that the local issues that matter to you can influence national policy.

Contact Healthwatch

Telephone 0300 5610 987, 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday or email via the website contact form.

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