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Leaders Network

The Leaders Network is a space for VCSE leaders to come together, shape the sector and bring together leaders to support them in their organisational and sector leadership roles.

We are a network of local voluntary and community sector organisations. Our members are leaders at all levels (not just CEO’s) so if you identify as a leader, whether it be leading an organisation, a team, a project or just yourself, you are welcome!

What the Leaders Network does:

  • Shares relevant, up-to-date information on issues about the VCSE sector through meetings, the Briefing Bradford newsletter, the WhatsApp group and the Leaders Network mailing list
  • Provides an opportunity to network with other voluntary sector leaders and build partnerships
  • Works with the council and health partners to feed in insight and change how services work
  • Provide advice and guidance on a wide range of issues. For example, we run training for staff and share resources on topics you find important.

How we do it.

  • We engage with a diverse range of organisations. In particular, we support them to work together and learn from each other. Equally, we share useful information in a way that helps them with their work.
  • Our representatives influence the people and organisations that make decisions and provide services for the VCSE sector.
  • We share the experience and knowledge of voluntary sector organisations. As a result, changes are made to decisions and the way things are run.
  • Our team develops relevant resources and learning opportunities for individuals and organisations within the voluntary and community sector.

Join the Leaders Network

If you are a leader in a not-for-profit organisation in Bradford, you can join our network. You will be joining a network of over 100 members on a mission to improve the sector we work in. Membership is free, see terms and conditions and join via this webform.

If you are employed by Local Government, other statutory organisations, a private business or a consultant then this network is not for you.

Email for any queries.

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